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1. Pal Ian came by the store today, and gave me the greatest gift one man can give another man.

Yes, that’s right, he gave me a Stealth movie poster.

1a. By the way, at that Stealth link, you can apparently “download the desktop experience.” Oh, and “fear the sky,” too.

2. Kid Chris brought up something that I’m ashamed I didn’t think of myself. Do you think that Alicia being a blind sculptress was de-emphasized in the Fantastic Four movie so that people didn’t think they were ripping off the whole “blind sculptress” thing from Lionel Richie’s video for the song “Hello?”

3. Okay, now ever since Power Girl was first introduced, there’s been some measure of…comment over her…buxomness, as it were. Now that she’s currently being featured in JSA Classified, the debate has risen again, particularly since she seems even more buoyant than usual. Now, I think I’m of two minds on this. On one hand, the cheesecake is played mostly for laughs (and reactions to her statuesque qualities have, in recent years, usually been used to make the male characters look ridiculous). On the other hand, it is page after page of drawings of a woman with improbably large breasts. On the other, other hand, the artist of this story is a woman, Amanda Conner, and she stated in a recent Wizard interview that she purposely emphasized PG’s assets. On the other, other, etc. hand, the readers of superhero comics are predominantly male, and the creative teams know what they have to do to get guys to part with their $2.50. But, then again, this series promises to clean up PG’s convoluted back story, and to longtime DC continuity geeks, that’s hard to resist.

So, yeah, I’ll be reading it. I like how Geoff Jones has been writing her, and I’m one of those aforementioned DC continuity geeks, so I’d like to see where he goes with it.

And we’ve nearly sold out it at our store, by the way. Sex sells…who knew?

3a. Pal Dorian pointed out (and I should’ve realized it myself) that this story may follow up on situations from Grant Morrison’s Animal Man run. I certainly hope so, if it is what I think it is.

4. I don’t think I can get through a day at work without Robocop being mentioned at least once.

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