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“At Comic-Con, Nerd Mentality Rules the Day”

“…Fans are pure and real and sort of sweet in their innocence. But you better not disappoint them, lest you get a little taste of the flame on. These people — mostly adults, by the way — are some of the friendliest conventioneers this side of a Omaha Shriners’ gathering. Very mellow, very polite. Just don’t them started on how the Incredible Hulk was done wrong by Ang Lee.”

“Comic-Con is Geek Heaven”

“Comic-Con is the world’s largest annual pow-wow (or, in comic book parlance, ‘POW! WOW!’) for everybody who’s anybody in the worlds of comics….”

“The Nerd Mecca”

“All types of males can be found in the convention hall, but females tend to skew toward one of two extremes. Either the lady is a total nerd, or she has gigantic breasts and is being paid by the hour to flaunt them.”

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