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Zatanna – the Wikipedia entry.

Some reviews of Seven Soldiers: Zatanna: Comic Book Galaxy (as part of a Seven Soldiers overview), Comic Readers, Sequential Tart, the Pickytarian, and Unqualified Offerings.

Ryan Sook convention sketch.

A synopsis of her Batman: The Animated Series appearance, and another synopsis from Justice League Unlimited.

Jeff Moy commissioned sketch.

Norma’s Zatanna costume! Zatanna with Darth Vader! Zatanna with Buddy Christ!

Zatanna as created by the Hero Machine.

Synopses of early appearances, plus a checklist of later ones.

Customized figure in the “animated style,” featuring her George Perez-designed costume.

The Zatanna of Earth-349 fan-fiction – based on the transgendered superheroes that appeared in Superman #349.

Phil Noto sketch.

You can find a custom Mego action figure of Zatanna on this page (plus a custom Two-Face, custom Star Sapphire….).

Um…Zatanna in bondage. And lots of other female superheroes in various states of restraint (and undress). Hokey smokes. (Probably not safe for work.)

A nice painting by Raine Szramski.

These LiveJournal folk like Zatanna.

Dr. Strange versus Dr. Fate, Scarlet Witch, and Zatanna – a roundtable discussion. (Pop-ups)

A possible Zatanna movie?

The inevitable Heroclix figure.

Skins for The Sims, classic style and Perez-style.

Fred Hembeck unleashes a Flash/Zatanna team-up onto an unsuspecting world. (Not to mention Zatanna with the Flash’s arch-nemesis!)

The official DC Direct action figure.

Zatanna stats for the Champions RPG.

Another custom figure, including a white tiger.

A shot of the Zatanna mini-bust, and of the animated-style statue.

…and a full page of Zatanna Micro-heroes, like the one at the top of this post.

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