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First, let me join Mr. Bacardi in reassuring James Kochalka, Superstar in that I, too, am another weblogger that loved Super F*ckers. It’s a great darn comic, and I’ve been recommending it to likely suspects at our shop.

Second, I haven’t been paying much attention to the news coming out of San Diego (beyond following what the evil Dr. Brill and the Fleshy-headed Mutant have had to say). However, pal Dorian pointed out that Joe Quesada appears to be implying that Stephen King may be working on a Marvel comic. Okay, granted, the teaser slide just says “KING,” so it could be Spider-Man and the Hulk reenacting Martin Luther King’s speeches, but, no, my money’s on Steve. Now whether it will be actual full scripting, or just “based on concepts by Stephen King,” well, I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Third, something else pal Dorian and I were discussing…did people really hate DC Countdown to the point of practically having nervous breakdowns about it? I can understand if you didn’t like it, but, geez, get a grip.

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