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So yesterday at the shop, some of us were discussing the eventual sequel to the Fantastic Four movie…specifically, which villain would be the focus. I noticed over the last few days that several of our customers have expressed a preference for Galactus. While I’m a big Galactus fan, and would love to see a live action version of the character, I think the general non-comic reading populace isn’t quite ready for such a spectacle: i.e. the big G would be laughed off the screen. Besides, he’s probably tied up in whatever Silver Surfer film rights that might exist.

Pal Dorian suggested the Skrulls, which actually isn’t a bad idea. It’s certainly better than the other FF villain that immediately comes to mind: the Mole Man. I just keep picturing the FF in fight scene after fight scene in caves, and I just don’t think that would make for a fun film. I’d rather see them in space fighting aliens…though I kind of get the feeling that the people making the Marvel movies don’t want to start throwing aliens into the mix. It’s hard enough getting people to accept the superhero aspects of the films without hitting them with extraterrestrials, too.

Beyond that, what other good movie-worthy adversaries do the FF have? Molecule Man? The Mad Thinker and his Awesome Android? Kid Chris suggested the Frightful Four, and that’s a pretty good idea, I think. However, I imagine we’re just going to get Doom again, so it may all be a moot point.

Anyway, during that discussion, Kid Chris made the offhand comment that he’d like to see a Watcher movie. A movie, starring the guy who hangs out on the moon and watches everything going on, without (ideally) interfering.

That, my friends, is a brilliant idea. I immediately pictured sitting in a theatre for two hours, with this staring back at you from the screen:

Twenty, twenty-five minutes in, you’ve finished most of your popcorn and soda, you look back up at the film:

An hour in, you get up to go to the restroom, and when you return:

At one hour forty minutes, the film approaches its climax:

The denouement, and we fade into credits:

It’d be like the superhero equivalent of Andy Warhol’s Empire. Genius!

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