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So we at the store (“we” being pal Dorian, Kid Chris, and me) got to meet the lovely and talented Chris “Lefty” Brown and his lovlier and talented-er wife Kelly Brown, as they stopped by on their way down to the San Diego Comic Con. They took plenty of embarrassing pictures, so be sure to look for them on one or both of their sites sometime soon!

Before we opened today:

(Kid Chris is vacuuming…we still have some comics on the floor after breaking down the Diamond Comics order)

Kid Chris: “Hey, move those comics! I almost sucked up that [certain Image Comics publication]!”

Me: “Yeah, that comic sucks enough already.”

Kid Chris: “Oh, snap!”

There was a Great Curve post in which it was wondered what retailers would do with the new All Star Batman and Robin comic, since the Batman variant cover would probably sell better than the Robin variant, leaving stores stuck with a bunch o’Robins. Well, I hadn’t really considered that, since I figured it’s Frank Miller and Jim Lee…Shadowhawk could have been on the covers, and they’d probably still sell. But, I figured, he was right, the Batman one was sure to sell faster. However, Dorian noticed today that people were either buying both covers, or they were favoring the Robin cover. Weird! Well, not weird that some people were getting both covers…I kinda expected that.

I got the Batman cover, myself. Don’t look at me like that…I ain’t gonna turn down Miller Batman.

You know what the San Diego Convention needs? A way for attendees, who are so inclined, to be married by a Stan Lee impersonator. “I now declare you true believers! Excelsior!

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