It’s all about me, this morning.

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I need to leave early this morning for personal business-type stuff, so you’re gettin’ a Mr. Lazy-pants post. My apologies…with any luck, I’ll have something else on the site later today.

Make that three Wikipedia articles that cite me as a source…I’m also in the Cancelled Comics Cavalcade entry. Cool.

One of our customers name-drops our store in this interview on Jazma Online, while discussing her independent comic Insane Jane. Thanks, Weshoyot!

Doing a little bit of the Googling, I came up with this weblog entry about someone coming to our store for 2004’s Free Comic Book Day:

“…This was only my second time ever setting foot in a comic shop. it was pretty okay and not too scary.”

Right on. He also mentions one of the employees was “young and excited,” so that must have been Kid Chris, since pal Dorian and I are old and bitter.

Speaking of Kid Chris, here’s a conversation he had a few days back with a friend of his, that he just related to me:

KC’s friend: “I haven’t been to that comic shop you work at in a few years.”

KC: “Oh, you probably remember Mike, I bet.”

KC’s friend: “Oh, yeah…he had brownish/blonde hair, and he was kinda tall, but sorta short…and he wore shirts, right?”

Yes, I was the one that wore shirts. Welcome to Ralph’s Bare-Chested Comics Corner.

Kid Chris says that what his friend meant was that I was the one that always wore button-up collared shirts, but that’s not as funny as being “the guy that wears shirts.”

So that it’s just not all about me…don’t stay away too long, Tim!!

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