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1. At long, long last…Fleshhead speaketh:

“…There are freakin’ Klingons walking around. In character. Speaking Klingon. Speaking Klingon CORRECTLY. After that, anything can happen.”

Pal Sean, the secret weapon of the Associated Comics And Pop Culture Webloggers of Ventura County, CA And Outlying Environs, talks smart about the forthcoming San Diego Comic Convention. Sean’s been attending the con every year for…well, pretty much as long as I’ve known him, which is several years now, and he’s got plenty of good tips for you folks new to the Comic Con scene.

He also plans on posting pictures a’plenty from the trip, but should he have links to photos of what he and his wife are gettin’ up to in their hotel room…look away, look away!

1a. Pal Sean trivia…he’s the fella what took that photo of me reading a copy of Marvel Comics’ The Smurfs, which you can see on my user pic page and at the top of my column at the new Comic Book Galaxy. Thanks, Sean!

2. I’m suddenly getting some traffic from this Wikipedia entry on Superman…I’m footnote #3, which links to this post (under March 2nd) about Superman protecting his identity through super-hypnosis. (Well, actually, it links to the archive page and not the specific post.)

Coincidentally, this same archive page is linked to by another Wikipedia entry, the one on Brian Bolland, specifically to my Killing Joke post (the same one Comic Treadmill keeps sending traffic to).

Anyway, I’m a Wikipedia “source.” Neat. I know, I know, it’s only two links, but considering that when I started this little weblog I didn’t think anyone was going to pay it any attention, I think it’s pretty cool.

3. Customer questions I shouldn’t answer honestly: “So, what did you think of the latest issue of X-Men?”

4. For once, I haven’t been swamped with customers just itching to tell me about the Fantastic Four film, like they usually do whenever a new superhero film pops up. That may not be a good sign. I’m planning on seeing it Monday night, myself…we’ve had pretty good luck getting a non-idiot, non-cell phone using crowd on early Monday evenings. At any rate, the few customers who have mentioned the film have pretty much confirmed what I thought…it’s big, loud, and stupid, but still fun.

So I’ll look forward to it as a way to shut my brain off for a couple hours. At the very least, the theatre will be air-conditioned, so that’ll be nice.

4a. As a follow-up to my previous FF vs. the Incredibles posts (1, 2) , I should point out this interview with Marvel’s CEO Avi Arad (found via the essential Neilalien). The Incredibles, a commercial for the Fantastic Four flick? I’m with Mr. Alien on this: wha–?

5. One of these days, I’m going to change the font color or something on new links I add to the sidebar in order to make ’em stand out. But, until that day, lemme just welcome the newest additions here: Crisis/Boring Change (from the former proprietor of Wednesday Week), The Next Voice You Hear, So So Silver Age, Double Articulation, Without Me You’re Only You, The Daily Burn, Zilla & The Comic Junkies, and The Fortress of Soliloquy. Howdy, folks! No idea how I’m gonna keep up with you all, but I’m gonna try, gosh darn it!

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