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A few more comparisons:

“‘Fantastic Four’ rescues itself from joinging comic book-movie trash heap”

“With no stars, little fan base and its thunder stolen by ‘The Incredibles’ (a parody of ‘FF’), the buzz has been as quiet as a hummingbird’s wings.”

“‘Fantastic Four’ is a freak show”

“‘Fantastic Four” got there first, developing the concept of superheroes as a dysfunctional family four decades ago. But ‘The Incredibles” did it far, far better on the big screen. […] Now the original foursome must flounder in the wake of ‘The Incredibles,’ which makes ‘Fantastic Four” look like a dim, dismal affair by comparison.”

Weekend Best Bets

“…It’s had numerous rewrites and folks affiliated with the film worry some filmgovers will see this as a rip-off of ‘The Incredibles.’ Huh?”

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