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One of these days, I’m gonna get to the San Diego Comic Con. Given my relative proximity to the festivities — only a hop, skip, and four-to-five hour drive away — one would think that it wouldn’t be that big of a deal to go. The closest I came was a few years back when I actually was in San Diego at the same time as the convention, but I was in town for non-funnybook reasons and couldn’t find the time to pop in.

The main reason is that, without fail, the San Diego Con occurs at about the same time of the year that my disposable income is at its lowest ebb and I can’t really afford to go anyway. And, on top of that, this year I have some house-stuff happening at about the same time as the convention, so my schedule really won’t allow it.

That’s fine, though…I think I mentioned before that being in the presence of that much comic book overkill would probably drive any love of comics right out of me.

So anyway, if you are going, have fun, drink plenty of fluids (something other than beer, Ian!), and if any of you happen to find copies of Yummy Fur #9 or Dog Boy (Fantagraphics series) #8, I could sure use ’em.

And yes, that means no swordfight. Sorry, Augie!

I don’t poke around much on Newsarama…maybe once a week at most. So, when pal Dorian pointed out that they had a preview image for Infinite Crisis, I bade him “load the page, good sir!” And…well, Batman and Wonder Woman look okay, I suppose, but what’s up with Superman, there? Dor thinks Supes is posed so awkwardly to show off the full “S” shield, but as Kid Chris noted, who buying this series is not going to recognize Superman? Unless, of course, they’re thinking “new Jim Lee retail poster.”

And so there we were, pal Dorian, Kid Chris, and I discussing Spider-Man and his new status quo of organic web-shooters (as opposed to the Ultimate version, who still have the mechanical ones). And I was thinking…what propels the webbing? Is it under a great deal of pressure in his arms, slowly building as more webbing is generated? Would that backed-up webbing feel uncomfortable, almost like the need to go to the restroom but having to hold it? If Spidey doesn’t release the pressure caused by the webbing, is there…seepage? (“Peter, why are your wrists wet?”) Or it there some kind of super-muscle, rapidly shoving the webbing out of Spidey’s body? Because, really, that webbing usually has to go a pretty long distance, like to the tops of buildings and whatnot. Under normal circumstances, it would seem that regular humans would have trouble achieving such distances forcing semi-viscous liquidy substances out of their bodies. (Yeah, yeah, I know…”speak for yourself!”)

As we were having the previous discussion, pal JP walked into the store, and I suddenly had a vision of what it must have looked like to him. You know the stereotypical scene from movies and TV shows where the point of view character walks in on a group of nerds/misfits/what have you and they’re debating some kind of completely trivial topic (like, say, Spider-Man’s webbing), and great mirth is had at the nerds’ expense? Yeah, it was sort of like that.

But it’s okay, ’cause pal JP is one of us. Gabba gabba, we accept you.

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