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Worst prank call we’ve ever received at the store:

“Do you have any butt comics?”

Butt comics? That’s your prank call? C’mon, you’re not even trying, friend.

Best prank call:

I answer the phone, giving the name of the store and asking “can I help you?”

At the same time, someone is giving the name of our (now-defunct) crosstown competitor’s store and also asking “can I help you?”

After a moment’s confusion, we figure out that a third party has arranged for us to be in some kind of conference call or something, so that it looked like we each called the other’s store. Now that’s good planning.

I’m only thinking of prank calls because, on Sunday, someone called that I swore was going to turn out to be a gag. It sounded like the person on the phone was using a fake voice, asking for cheap used (“not collectible”) old comics. I told him the price of the comics in our bargain bins, but those were “too expensive.” We also knew most comic books were “pretty gross,” so I had to reassure him that I could find him some age-appropriate material.

Well, according to pal Dorian, this wasn’t a prank call. This person came in when I wasn’t at the store and, while I don’t know all the details just yet, apparently even Disney comics were too violent and gross.


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