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One News New Movie Review

“The superhero-team-as-family-unit idea had its thunder stolen somewhat by last year’s The Incredibles, which borrowed considerably from the Fantastic Four comics, but kids and less discerning adults should be sufficiently entertained by this movie.”

“Four? Yep! Fantastic? Not so much…”

“Didn’t the filmmakers get that this should all be ‘cool’? It was clear last year that Pixar got it with ‘The Incredibles’ (really a thinly disguised take on FF), which makes it more puzzling that Marvel and Fox hit so far off the mark.”

“Flame on, switch off”

“Unfortunately, The Incredibles has already stolen some thunder from the first family of superheroes.”

“Meet the Fantastic Four”

“Basically, if you’ve seen The Incredibles, you’ve got the template for this quartet.”

“‘Fantastic Four’ film’s family spirit stays true to comic original”

“It may sound more than a bit familiar: the tale of a superhero family with powers including amazing strength, invisibility and the ability to stretch to astounding lengths.

“No, it’s not last year’s ‘The Incredibles.’ It’s ‘Fantastic Four,’ arriving in theaters July 8. And though Mr. Incredible and his family beat them to the big screen, the Fantastic Four have been around a lot longer.”

“Will Fan-4 crush Batman?”

“Mainstream movie-going audiences, however, may confuse the characters with the stars of last year’s computer-animated blockbuster ‘The Incredibles.'”

The Fantastic Four versus the Incredibles…to the death! (Well, not really.)

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