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Here are a couple comic-related essays from those “free term paper” sites…you get what you pay for, kids:

“Comics are not trash” – it was hard to pick out a particularly choice quote, since you really need to read the whole thing for the full impact:

“…One of the great things about books is that they can teach you a lot of things, whether it is about deep things or facts that you did not know; they broaden your horizon. Well, that is also true of some comic books.”

“Book Version Vs. Screen Version” – this one devotes a lot of attention to the “recent” Generation X movie and its differences from the comic book:

“‘Generation — X’ has surpassed many in special effects. …The special effects were a milestone that was not only crossed but broken.”

Well said.

Here’s an interesting 1993 essay on super-heroines:

“Comic books are only now beginning to accept that women can differ in appearance from the Caucasian norm without being inherently repugnant or seductive.”

I’m sure someone must have linked to this article before, but here’s the American Family Association’s take on the funnybooks:

“In a two-part Green Lantern comic, published by DC Comics, ‘gay’ teenager Terry Berg is shown kissing his boyfriend. After three thugs beat Terry, the storyline turns into a blatant promotion of hate crime laws.”

…Because blatant promotion of hate crime laws is a bad thing, don’t you know.

Here’s a positive look at comic books (and comic book movies) from a Christian perspective:

“Their characters, as memorable in their own way as those of Homer or Milton, battle great opponents both without and within—wrestling with the same joys and pains, the same temporary triumphs and the same tragic results of the Fall as do we ourselves.”

“Good Comics Is Good Readin'” – an article on how to get started reading comic books:

“Graphic novels are cool, since they collect many issues of a comic in one place so you can read the whole story arc. Warning: REAL comics people don’t get these because they won’t appreciate in value like single issues will.”

The writer doesn’t have much of a high opinion of comic book stores or their employees. I’ll have you know I shower at least once a month, mister!

Comic Book Literature – nice, pro-comics essay:

“Looking back now, I wonder sometimes if Beowulf wore spandex and a big ‘B’ on his chest or if Grendel’s mom had long flowing hair a lot of cleavage, whether or not literary buffs would dismiss it as ‘pop culture’ and push it aside.”

“Comic books are crap!”

“…All the movies based on them have all been crap, and will continue to be so. They are simply not good source material for movies because they do not contain complete, logical stories.”

And for a dissenting opinion…another “comic books have grown up” article:

“There is no longer a place for corny dialogue or shoddy illustrations. There are only great stories and amazing illustrations.”

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