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(After looking at the new issue of Previews, particularly the DC/Vertigo listings):

Me: “You know what? I think Gepetto is the Adversary in Fables.”

Pal Dorian: “Nah…I think he’s more of a plot point, a pawn in the Adversary’s control who’s building his armies and such.”

Me: “I don’t know…I know that’s been mentioned before in the book, but I’m betting we’re going to get a surprise twist reveal of Gepetto as the Adversary.”

Dor: “But what possible motive would Gepetto have for driving all the Fables characters out of their homeland?”

Me: “Bitch crazy.’

Just on a whim, I did a search on the Google for “fables” and “adversary,” and apparently my Gepetto guess isn’t exactly groundbreaking. Mostly, it’s been decided by the message boards that Gepetto is “too obvious,” and who am I to argue with message boards?

Another thing spotted in the new Previews: the next issue of the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror, featuring “Squish Thing” by Swamp Thing creators Len Wein and Berni(e) Wrightson. I don’t remember who else is in this issue, but every Treehouse of Horror has an impressive line-up of talent and, as I recall, this issue was no exception. But, honestly, the rest of the issue could have been blank pages and I’d still be buying it for the Wein/Wrightson story.

So as it turned out, we did have enough copies of the Angel puppet cover to go around. I even managed to get one (being a late convert to the Buffy-verse, after mainlining DVD season sets thanks to the Netflix). And, thankfully, the other cover variants are moving.

Choice comic of the week: Licensable Bear #2 by Nat Gertler and friends. He’s a cute little bear that just wants to appear on marketable products! Very funny stuff.

I want to like the new Green Lantern series, since I’m a GL fan from way back, only dropping the series after the Hal/Kyle transition (not because of “I can’t believe what they did to Hal,” but because the book wasn’t any darn good). I checked back in once in a while, but never noticed any real improvement. Now that Geoff Jones is writing GL, I have some hope, but the new series has yet to really grab me. I’m borrowing this observation from somewhere (I don’t remember who made this comment first), but I do like the rebuilt ghost town of Coast City, giving Hal’s new digs a unique characteristic not shared by other superhero home towns.

Maybe my somewhat indifferent response to the new series is that I’ve just read enough Green Lantern stories, and I really don’t need to read any more. I’ve reached my GL saturation point!

I don’t want to post the actual text of it here, but surely the very last caption in the new JLA Classified must be a knowing commentary on recent DC crossover events. Very funny, in a darkly humorous sort of way.

Also funny (found via Atrios): no longer a weblog, now an “online magazine:”

“…Traditional blog posts will be replaced with articles of varying lengths and topics. I will also be replacing the comments with article specific message boards.”

* I realize that’s redundant.

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