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I can’t believe I missed these particular milestones (or millstones, perhaps)…both pal Tom and pal Corey of ACAPCWOVCCAOE fame have reached the one-year mark! Huzzah! Good tidings! Drinks all around!

And to respond to Tom’s comment about my ability to post something here every single day…well, it helps if you’re really, really, really obsessive. Though it can be hard to squeeze in weblog entries when you’re busy touching every doorknob in the house.

I haven’t done an honest-to-goodness real review on this site in a while, so I’m a wee bit out of practice. However, the fine folks at Boom! Studios were good enough to wing a copy of Zombie Tales in my direction, so I should probably say a word or two about it. Of course, pal Dorian already beat me to the punch, giving a positive review that I pretty much agree with. The real highlight is John Rogers and Andy Kuhn’s “Daddy Smells Funny,” a zombie story from the perspective of a four-year-old. It’s creepily drawn, with a twist punchline that one might see coming, but still, the telling of the story is half the fun.

Another highlight was Andrew Cosby and Keith Giffen’s “I, Zombie,” where we follow a zombie trying to go through the normal routine from his living existence. Ted the Zombie’s Bizarro-esque interior dialogue adds a layer of sadness to his character, as we realize that he’s not quite able to understand just what it is that’s happened to him.

The other stories are amusing, with Mark Waid and Carlos Magno’s “If You’re So Smart” being the only clinker in the bunch, with too much set-up and a “twist” ending that I just didn’t buy.

However, it’s a solid anthology, and if you’re a zombie fan that’s tired of seeing the usual Romero-retreads, this comic will give you a wide variety of new perspectives on the genre. Look for it at your better funnybook stores this Wednesday.

How not to start your workday at the comic shop: accidentally crashing the computer after filling out the monthly Diamond order form, so that you have to start over from scratch. AAAARGH!

(Okay, basically it’s just copying over numbers handwritten in the order workbooklet, but still, darn annoying.)

Speaking of the shop, if there’s anything you’re looking for, feel free to contact me via my e-mail address (at the upper right of this page), and I’ll be happy to provide some quality mail order service to you. Hey, you saw my post earlier in the week…you know I’ll handle your purchases properly!

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