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For no good reason, I was reminded of that time, so long ago, when Diamond Comics used to send sales reps to visit their various accounts…just to check in, see how things are going, do some face-to-face promoting, what have you. One Wednesday, our sales rep (a nice guy, whose name eludes me…it’s been a while) pops in for a visit, and as he’s chatting with me, he points to the new arrivals wall and asks, “so, what’s good this week? What are you looking forward to reading the most?”

I look at the new arrivals for a moment, and I reply, “oh, probably the new issue of The Comics Journal.”

The rep pauses. “‘The Comics Journal.'” He looks at me like I have a hand growing out of the middle of my forehead. “Really?”

I realized then that the rep was probably used to hearing answers of “X-Men” or whatever the big Vertigo book happened to be at the time. For someone to answer that his favorite new arrival on New Comics Day was a magazine about comics was certainly unusual. (And that the magazine in question was The Comics Journal…well, forget about it!)

I don’t mean to be contrary. I really don’t.

I liked the idea of Jack Black as Green Lantern, even if it ended up being just a rumor. I liked Identity Crisis as the throwaway potboiler it was. I didn’t mind that Blue Beetle and Sue Dibny, two expendable (i.e. non-merchandised, and non-merchandisable) characters, were killed off to propel certain storylines. I wasn’t particularly excited about the Sin City movie, as the previews did very little for me. (It turned out okay, thankfully, though some of the narration should have been cut.) Sometimes controversies sweep the comicsweblogosphere that I don’t really care about, and sometimes I get all worked up about something stupid that’s important only to me.

I ain’t doin’ it on purpose, I swear!

Ah, well, funny how these things work out, I guess. At least we can all agree on the greatness of COMPOSITE SUPERMAN.

If I’m able, I’m going to crash this San Diego Comic Con weblogging panel dressed as a pirate, and, waving my cutlass in the air and shouting “AVAST YE BLOGGER-LUBBERS!” I’m going to shove my way into the front of the room and get into a swordfight with Augie De Blieck.

Oh, like you wouldn’t.

You with me, Augie?

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