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Well, at this moment, I’m just kinda fed up with comic books, comic retailing, comic fandom, message boards, what have you. Don’t worry, it’s just a passing phase, and I’ll be back to posting about the funnybooks again — well, probably tonight, even — but for now…

…you get links about my all-time favorite fish, the coelacanth:

Dinofish.com, your complete coelacanth resource.

This page relates the rediscovery (and the re-rediscovery) of this believed-extinct fish, complete with a computer-generated image of the initial sighting.

“UC Berkeley Researchers Announce Discovery of Sulawesi Coelacanths!”

If you don’t have much time, this page sums it up.

An article from the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

The African Coelacanth Ecosystem Programme.

A printable line-drawing of the coelacanth’s anatomy.

Here’s a more detailed look at the fish’s anatomy.

The history of the coelacanth – in stamps.


Educational slideshow about coelacanth and some of their fishy friends.

As I write this, no one has yet rated the Coelacanth Old Four Legs Premium Lager from Coelacanth Brewery.

Now that you’re read all those sites, you should be ready for…the Coelacanth trivia quiz!

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