This post is pal Dorian’s fault.

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A chronology of Deathstroke appearances, with issue synopses, up until the beginning of Identity Crisis.

The Terminator Vs. Predator! (i.e. “The Cover Blurb They Wished They Could Get Away with Using!”)

Who would win – Captain America versus Deathstroke? Or Darth Maul versus Deathstroke? Or Spider-Man versus Batman versus Deathstroke? Or X-cutioner versus Taskmaster versus Deadpool versus Deathstroke?

Custom Deathstroke figure.

The Deathstroke Heroclix figure.

A review of the DC Direct figure.

Deathstroke’s stats for…fantasy baseball?

An article about Deathstroke from Comics Scene #24 (1991) – includes comments from creator Marv Wolfman.

Here is the Titan Tower site’s full Deathstroke dossier.

Chaosmonkey reviews Deathstroke the Terminator #14.

“Okay, Deathstroke has got to be a blatant ripoff of Deadpool.” Um….

Speaking of which: Deathstroke/Dead-Pool fan-poetry.

Layout drawing of Robin and Slade from the Teen Titans cartoon.

Custom DC Mini-Mates, with Deathstroke putting in an appearance near the end of the page.

The Sexy Slade Club!

Deathstroke Micro-heroes.

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