In which Little Lulu is disappointed.

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One of the things I noticed about selling underground comics on the eBay is that, every once in a while, we’ll end up selling some undergrounds to the cartoonists that originally did them. Just thought that was interesting.

This is the greatest description of Supreme Power I’ve ever read, cut ‘n’ pasted as-is from the forum I found it on:

“Supreme Power takes a spin on popular characters like Superman Batman Wonderman Flash and Green Lantern. In this book tells for instant what if instead of a couple that found him as a child the goverment did. Batman is a black man who is prejudice against anyone that is white. Flash is black too. Wonderwoman walks around naked alot.”

It’s…it’s like poetry. And, strangely enough, fairly accurate.

Yesterday, Kid Chris showed my website to me on his internet-capable cell phone, with the itsy-bitsy pictures, and the text that scrolls by in the little window about five or six words at a time. Now, I’m a very fast reader, so trying to read a website in cell phone display-sized chunks would drive me bonkers in short order. If this is how any of you out there look at websites (including mine, where I do tend to go on a bit), well, my hat and/or camel-hair toupee are off to you, my good man. Or woman.

Release of the week: Little Lulu: Sunday Afternoon from Dark Horse Comics. The pages are numbered in this edition, so hopefully that prevented any out-of-order story pages like in the previous volume. It’s great stuff, as usual, and when was the last time you saw a panel like this in a “kid’s” comic?


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