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Just a quick note to congratulate fellow ACAPCWOVCCAOE* member pal Ian on the one year anniversary of his weblog. Ever since he was left as a foundling on our store’s doorstep, pal Dorian and I tried to raise him right, schooling him in the mysterious ways of comic book collecting, weblogging, fine wines, and high fashion. And now, here he is, a grown man…ready to leave the nest and pursue higher education in the wilds of Northern California. (Sniff) They…(sniff)…they grow up so fast….

On a completely unrelated note, I am going to go out on a limb here and do something I never, ever do in regards to a comic that’s not even out yet. I’m going to predict that this variant cover for the forthcoming Angel comic from IDW…

…is almost certainly going to be one of those “crazy money” items on the eBay. Every time a customer asks me for the Angel comic, they say “I want the puppet cover!” Every time. Heck, I want the puppet cover. Given that the puppet cover is only one of four variants for the first issue, and that the covers are shipped in equal amounts, and that the puppet episode that inspired the image is arguably the most popular one of the Angel TV series, I really don’t see how the available amount of this particular variant is going to be able to meet demand. Hence, the probable forthcoming eBay feeding frenzy. I’m also really, really hoping the other three covers don’t turn into shelf-warmers.

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