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Here is my impression of some of those people who are having a negative reaction to Grant Morrison being given a little creative control over at DC:

“What? New, original, and interesting ideas? Not in my superhero comics, thank you very much!”

Sorry, sorry…I’m just a little tired of the “ew, Morrison’s weird and icky” criticisms that get thrown around. Feh on them, I say. I’m looking forward to Morrison giving us something strange and wonderful, which is what superheroes should always be, I think.

Anyway, just to show you I’m not completely grumpy, I direct you to my sidebar, where I keep all my links and quotes, and where I also just hid an “Easter Egg” for you to find. It’s not much…just a little something fun to look at. Well, fun for me, anyway. (If you do find it — and it’ll take you all of about one or two seconds to find, I’m sure — don’t spoil it in the comments section!)

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