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From the new DC soliciations:

Written by Len Wein
Art and cover by Berni Wrightson
A manga-sized collection featuring the classic origin and first adventures of the Swamp Thing (also collected in the full-size tpb SWAMP THING: DARK GENESIS), including the first 10 issues of the original SWAMP THING title, all by the legendary team of writer Len Wein and artist Berni Wrightson.
On sale Sept 8 o 5″ x 7.375″ o 232 pg, FC, $9.99 US

Now I know it’s gonna seem strange for me, of all people, to say this…but that’s an odd choice of a title to kick off this new reprint format for DC. This run has only been reprinted about a zillion times (okay, three, I think), and…well, I don’t really have any other arguments against it, I guess. I just don’t see there being a whole lot of demand for a reprinting of this particular run right now…and I’m afraid that if the initial books in this format don’t fly, this reprint format may be gone before it really had a chance to start. I’m sure DC’s already considered this, and the Sgt. Rock reprint DC announced at the same time will probably do well. But, really, whose ass do I have to kick to get a Sugar and Spike reprint of some kind? Of any kind?

Also, I hope DC will someday get around to reprinting the rest of the original Swamp Thing series. Sure, it fell apart a bit at the end, but there’s a lot of good Nestor Redondo work there that could use reprinting on some good paper.

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