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Suddenly I’ve received a brief spike in referrals from a comment I left on this year-old post from The Comic Treadmill. Mag, H, what the heck’s goin’ on over there?

Still haven’t seen Batman Begins, but I’ve been hearing from plenty of people that it’s pretty good. I’m glad to hear it, since the trailers make the film look dead boring…even despite the always-welcome presence of Michael (The Hand, Jaws: The Revenge) Caine.

At the very least, I need to see it before any more of my customers decide to spill the beans on any surprises/plot twists/et cetera that may exist in this flick. “No, I don’t want to hear about ‘just one really cool part’ of the movie….”

I’m in the process of putting together comics for display at the local library (as I mentioned recently), and for the most part I’m trying to stick with titles and characters that may be reasonably familiar to kids. You know, the basics (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman) and other characters they might know from the cartoons (the John Stewart Green Lantern, the Teen Titans) or movies (Fantastic Four, Spider-Man). I’m also trying to sneak in a title or two that might stretch the definition of “superhero” (like Phil Foglio’s Girl Genius).

Also, as part of my plan, I was going to put in a superhero title or two that might downright puzzle kids, and maybe (and I realize this is a longshot, here) inspire them to seek out a local comics shoppe (like, say, ours) and Read More About It. My initial choice was a copy of Walt Simonson’s Orion, but then I came across this issue of Legion of Super-Heroes, which would be even more baffling to the uninitiated. (Though I may relent and use this cover instead.)

I’m still going to use the Orion cover, because gosh darn it, kids who watch the Superman and Justice League cartoons do know who Darkseid is! That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it, Dorian!

Anyway, the superhero theme for the display is mandated by the library…maybe when it’s time to take the display down, I can talk them into a manga display!

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