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Hey, that issue of Dolfin I was showing off earlier in the week is in our current batch of auctions on the eBay…you can see it here. So’s that issue of Spaced. And Walt Disney’s Beaver Valley. You know you want Beaver Valley. Starring “Mister Beaver” as himself.

As long as I’m in plugging mode, lemme throw out another pointer to the new Comic Book Galaxy, with extra material added throughout the week. Have I mentioned my monthly column there?

Sometime next week I will be putting up a superhero comics display at a local library, to tie in with their superhero-themed summer reading program. Just thought I’d mention that.

(And before anyone says anything…that’s the theme the library settled on, they asked me to provide a display matching that theme, and I’m doing so. They do know about manga and other non-superhero type comics…I’ve sold enough of those to this library in the past.)

Superhero capes for kids

“The letter on each Superhero Cape can be personalized to your child – add his or her initial!”

“Capes tie around child’s neck – therefore, proper adult supervision should be used at all times while child is wearing cape.”

“Managing superhero play”

“Discuss the ways that conflicts are solved on superhero shows. When children are accustomed to seeing superheroes using violence as a solution to problems, appropriate responses must be constantly reinforced. Talk about conflict resolution skills and how they could be applied to situations that superheroes and heroines find themselves in.

“Save your child from summer brain drain”

“‘Let the child choose the book,’ [librarian Karen Lucas] said. ‘Don’t make them feel bad for choosing a comic book over a chapter book or a novel. Let them enjoy that comic book, and then they’re going to read more.'”

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