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A review of an alleged X-Men 3 script is up at Ain’t It Cool News.

From the “talkback” section:

“If anything remotely resembling this makes it to screen anyone who goes to see it is a traitor to fandom.”

“I haven’t actually thought about how big this whole X3 situation is, sure I bitched about it, but only now, after reading this, did I take a moment to reflect… I LOVED this franchise and now it’s GONE!”

“Why is it that people who don’t understand movies are placed in charge of them??”

“I abandoned Marvel the moment magneto extracted wolverine’s adamantium skeleton..”

“The only way a movie can be successful by catering to the fanboys is if it’s budgeted at $32,000”

“Xavier IS NOT Malcolm X, he s Martin Luther King. Magneto is Malcolm X. I thought everyone knew that.”

“Forget poverty, war, and famine…write your letters to FOx about X3 dammit!!!!”

“What do you expect from a company that keeps a show like The Simpsons, which has not been funny for the last 5 years, on only because of the merchandising. Yeah, they know quality. I hope Jackman refuses to do it so the franchise crumbles.”

“I tell you one thing if future X Men film DO NOT have Stewart and especially McKellan , I aint bothering to see the flicks, Wolverine is a 1 trick pony without them”

“the first x men film was 90 minutes long and was very short on action and excitement – the 2nd was markedly better but only cause the first was lacklustre – never forget that guys”

“Couldn’t Fox have this site shut down for reproducing copyrighted material?”

And these are just the subject lines, folks!

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