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I really should do audio posts like yesterday’s more often…in fact, I’ve been thinking about doing a podcast (or, as we used to call them in the olden days, “downloadable MP3s”). Alan and Augie have fun with theirs, and I’d like to horn in on their action. Alas, I’ve no idea what happened to my computer’s microphone…but I suppose I could use Blogger’s Audioblogger function, record my message, save it to my hard drive from the Blogger work page, slap on the Swamp Thing cartoon music as my theme song, drop the bit rate, and vee-ola, a podcast of sorts to lull a few thousand of my closest friends into a deep slumber.

Unfortunately, I’m not terribly good at extemperaneous speaking…I’d probably have to work up a script, or at least heavily detailed notes, prior to recording, and that’s a little too much like work. Anyway, I’m sure I’ll do another audio post in the future…likely more dramatic readings from your favorite comics.

Speaking of Alan, the new Comic Book Galaxy continues to terrorize the world, with new features added today (including charter ACAPCWOVCCAOE member Ian Brill’s review of F Stop). Go pay a visit!

I just bought a Marvel Legends Man-Thing action figure off the eBay. Don’t look; I’m too ashamed. Hey, I couldn’t find the darn thing anywhere around here. At least it was cheap.

“There are keys to successful comic book adaptation”

“So why are some comic book movies better-received than others? What is the difference between a good adaptation and a bad one? What separates ‘Spider-Man 2’ from a film such as ‘Elektra?'”

“Drawn from the soul”

“Comics have had a chequered history: dismissed as mere children’s entertainment; admired in the hands of politically astute newspaper cartoonists; and hailed, when created by an Andy Warhol or a Roy Lichtenstein, as innovative art.”

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