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So anyway, I was poking through other comic weblogs this evening, and noticed, via Greg (in a post that’s not safe for work, BTW), that Laura already linked to a story about that Australian academic superhero conference that I mentioned this morning. Oops! Thankfully, I linked to a different site on the subject, so I don’t feel too much like a link claim-jumper.

I will say that as I was putting together this morning’s post, thanks to the Google, every time I picked a story I did think, “hmmmm, I wonder if Tom Spurgeon got to it first.” That’s why I don’t do a whole lot of news-weblogging. It’s easier to post links to, say, Wonder Woman and her dog in a race, or to Mattress the Super Cat, or to a gallery of DC Direct and Buffy figures in action scenes, and not worry about doubling-up on some news story someone else has already handled.

At any rate, you should visit Laura’s site (and that naughty fellow Greg, too) if you don’t already. There is always something worthwhile to read at either site.

Yes, I’m blogging about blogging. Wanna make something of it?

Pal Nat reviews a CD I sent him.

The mighty Fred Hembeck posts (under “June 12”) what may be the greatest cover Marvel Comics ever published. Honestly, it’s pure brilliance. I had a subscription to the magazine in question, so I was lucky enough to receive this piece of comic book gold in my mailbox. (I still had issues to go when the mag was cancelled, so I finished out my subscription with The Amazing Spider-Man…a run that included #200, about which I still have fond memories.)

Starting tomorrow…the new Comic Book Galaxy! Alan David Doane’s been sweating blood putting it together, so the least you could do is give it a visit. Maybe you’ll see a new name or two there that might strike you as familiar….

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