Go, Hawkman, go!

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That above image taken from the Heroic Images Super Friends site…go visit to see more great character design sheets from the Super Friends TV show!

A happy couple as the happy Hawk-couple.

Another brave soul dressed as Hawkman (at a Wizard World convention).

An overview of several Silver Age Hawkman stories.

A good old-fashioned groaner of a Hawkman joke, courtesy the mighty Fred Hembeck. (Here’s another good one.)

This is my favorite Hawkman cover (though this one is a very close second).

A review of the Legend of Hawkman prestige format mini-series from a few years ago.

One of many attempts at detailing Hawkman’s history.

What superheroes do when they’re bored (Hawkman’s at the end). Fart jokes, ahoy! (This is your “what th–?” link of the day. Honestly.)

Who would win in a fight between Hawkman and Batman?

A Hawkman FAQ, with plenty of images.

Custom animated-style Hawkman figure.

The Hawkman mini-bust, and the Alex Ross image that inspired it: Hawkman admiring his six-inch little man.

Pocket Super Heroes Hawkman and Hawkgirl.

More li’l Hawkman, in Lego form (along with his cross-company pal, the Falcon).

A review of the first wave of the Kingdom Come action figure line, including our Hawk-buddy.

The Kenner Super Powers Hawkman “hardcopy” prototype.

Oh, sweet mother of…Baby Wolvie and Hawkman!

The Legends of the Superheroes TV show – starring Hawkman (among others). You can kind of make him out in that last picture, there.

The devious Tony Isabella and his partner in crime, Richard Howell, reveal in this issue of Hawkman the real name of super-villain Kite-Man.

An interview with the man who defined the visual style of Hawkman for darn near everyone – Joe Kubert.

Hawkman knows a good candy bar when he sees one.

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