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“Comic books serious stuff for marketers.”

“To project Dabur Foods’ Real brand of fruit juice, the company recently launched its Real school contact programme with the creation of a comic book character, `Really 5,’ who symbolises ‘nutritious food, good health and happy living.’ Really 5 has a well-balanced diet of five elements ranging from eggs and milk to vegetables and nuts, and includes not just juice but Real fruit juice, identified as one of the power brands of Dabur.”

Via Johanna: Slave Labor Graphics will be pubishing comics based on Walt Disney Properties (that aren’t ducks and mice).

I imagine of the bunch, the Tron comic will do the best in the direct market (assuming the potential audience for this book isn’t all nostalgia-ed out). And are these Slave Labor’s first regular (bi-)monthly color titles? The only other color book of theirs I can recall off the top of my head is I Feel Sick, which was a two-issue mini-series.

EDIT: Hi, John! (More buttons for you button fans.)

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