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Courtesy pal JP, a DC Comics logo I neglected to mention in my brief overview a few days back…scanned from the cover of Girl’s Romance #150. What I wouldn’t give to see that particular logo on the cover of, say, Batman.

So the internet is all abuzz about the plan to jump ahead a year in continuity in the DC Universe books following all the planned crossovers and mini-series and whatnot that’s coming over the next few months. I don’t have a problem with that (in case any of you were desperately wondering), but I was joking with pal Dorian that when they make that year-jump on Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner should be starring in the book again. No sign of Hal Jordan, no explanation.

Well, I think that would be funny.

Another recent announcement was that DC will be releasing Essentials-style black and white collections of older material, including, apparently, Jonah Hex (something I was pushing for way back when, though in a manga-sized format).

That’s cool with me…if I can get hundreds of pages of Silver Age Superman in one volume, I’m not going to care if it’s lacking color. Besides, I read enough b&w reprints of Superman comics as a kid that I’m sure it won’t seem strange to me.

Oh, and DC…if we we’re not going to get a Sugar & Spike Archives, I’ll settle for a black and white edition. C’mon, just put one out already.

Now we just need to get DC to reprint Amethyst in the manga format….

Fantagraphics now has its own weblog. (via Johanna)

A belated thanks to Augie for his kind mention of this here goofy comics site.

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