In a stunning turn of events…a post of unrelated* random thoughts!

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* Well, unrelated aside from that fact that they all (mostly) involve comics.

The lateness of this post once again brought to you by Blogger. Well, I got what I paid for, I guess.

I missed a link in yesterday’s Swamp Thing webpage post: Warning…duck call sound on main page will startle the hell out of you. For extra duck call fun, run your mouse up ‘n’ down the menu on the second page once it loads.

Requested by commenter Todd:

(originally posted here)

My pal Tom has secretly been a zombie all this time. Who knew?

Our pal in Germany, Bjorn, has posted his overview of Free Comic Book Day, featuring comments from both pal Dorian and yours truly. Amazingly, Dor and I manage to keep our stories straight with minimal contradiction.

Speaking of pal Dorian…from a conversation today:

Me: “Hey, Dorian, was it just me or did National Treasure remind you of one of Carl Bark’s Donald Duck/Uncle Scrooge treasure hunt stories?”

Dor: “It was more like one of Don Rosa’s sequels to one of Barks’ stories.”

I’m linked on this “family-friendly” page, which just looks like one of those link/ad farm sites that gathers up links based on keywords. Because surely any site that would post this can’t possibly be considered “family friendly.”

Like esteemed weblogging colleague Alan David Doane, I finally got around to filing away recent months’ comic book acquisitions into the vast Mikester Comic Archives. And let me tell you, it’s a lot easier to deal with now, when I’m actually living in a real house with multiple rooms and everything, than it was in those long, lonely years of having everything crammed into a one-bedroom apartment. At least I’m no longer in danger (I hope) of becoming one of those poor bastards whose dies in his overcrowded room, and isn’t found for weeks until someone decides to push their way through the ten-foot-high piles of decade-old newspapers and Life magazines (ironically enough) to find my moldering body, which had been nibbled on by the dozen cats I also kept.

Boy, that went to a dark place. Let’s just say I’m happier now that it’s easier for me to access my short box full of, say, Firestorm, and leave it at that.

So the Mars trade paperback has finally shown up in the order forms, and, as I’d feared, it’s ungodly expensive. Forty bucks for the softcover, seventy-five for the hardcover. Feh. I wouldn’t be so upset if it weren’t for the fact that I absolutely loved Mars and thus am planning on getting the collection anyway. Gosh darn it. (And yes, yes, I know there are real world publishing concerns generating that price, but let me be unreasonable, just this once.)

A page of a nice young lady dressed as Witchblade, Lara Croft, a character from Jim Balent’s 3 Kittens, and a Sailor Moon character…which I’m linking to because real people dressed up in costumes based on comic book characters is my favorite thing ever. Well, second only to this. And this.

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