So I was bored.

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Who’s got Swamp Thing-related domain names?

(Note: have your pop-up blockers armed and ready!) – just being squatted on at the moment. – “under construction,” but has a trippy ST logo. – looks like a personal page…Flash animation ‘n’ sound, ahoy! – just a blank page with the text “” Trying to load either or has the same result. – “This domain may be for sale by its owner!” Another parked page. – server information, with links to a couple personal pages. – Swampthing Environmental, Inc., complete with a picture of Swamp Thing in the logo which I’m sure is totally authorized by DC. and exist, but there’s nothing there (404 errors). But does bring up a page of…well, something. brings up the same something. – GAH! The ads, the ads! – No such animals. Who uses “.name,” anyway?

Related people and places – personal page, photos, java applets, sound. Amusing, actually. – contains a total slam on the NeXTStep market. Take that, NeXTStep fans! – video game ads. – hey, a weblog (“Cafe Arcane”)! Cool! – another squatted domain.

Johnconstantine.netfinally, a page that actually has to do with the comic character. – all the links on this page go to sites with the phrase “newxxx/hot_site” in the URL. Just so you know. – weblog page, with some creepy images and background music. – “Your gateway to golf!”

Patchworkman.comtotally available. Who woulda thunk it?

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