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Sometimes pal Dorian and I revel in our cattiness:

Me: “Boy, the last issue of The Unfunnies sure was good, wasn’t it?”

Dor: “Yeah…so was the last issue of Kevin Smith’s Spider-Man/Black Cat.”

Me: “The end of Daredevil: The Target was very quality, as well.”

Dor: “How ’bout that last Hepcats?”

Me: “I never saw that surprise conclusion of Sonic Disruptors coming, I’ll tell you that for free.”

Yeah, we’re jerks. Who’s surprised?

Speaking of unfinished series, I was going through some of our Anne Rice back issues (because they needed restocking, not because I was enjoying it), and I recalled that one of Innovation’s adaptations of her vampire novels never concluded. Overstreet only listed The Vampire Lestat and the Standard Catalog listed twelve issues for all three series, which is wrong.

A quick Googling turns up this interview with Rice, which references the unfinished series…which is Queen of the Damned.

Okay, that’s hardly important to anyone, but it’s the kind of thing I depend on our reference guides for, and occasionally they fall down on the job.

(EDIT: In fairness, I just noticed that Interview is in Overstreet under Anne Rice’s Interview. Still no Queen, though.)

Oh, and Innovation’s adaptation of the Piers Anthony novel On A Pale Horse never had its last issue released, either. Boy, that would have been a pisser for anyone buying the full, prestige-format series.

And that reminds me of a short exchange between a customer and me from a few years back:

Customer: “Do you have any Anne Rice comics?”

Me: “Yes, here’s a run of the The Vampire Lestat….” (pronouncing the last “t”)

Customer: “That’s pronounced ‘Le-staaaah.'”

Me: “Here y’all go! Yer Vam-peer Leeee-STAT! Wooo-WEE!”

Okay, I didn’t actually say that last bit. I sure wanted to, though. I don’t mind being corrected (though, as pal Dorian likes to note, neither of us may have been correct…this FAQ suggests a third pronunciation that Rice herself supposedly prefers)…but the whole smugness of the correction was a bit off-putting. I’m the smug one around here, thank you!

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