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A few random thoughts from today’s new comics day:

Grandma, no! – Having a topless Elvira on the cover of the Elvira Mistress of the Dark comic book is a little risque for Claypool, isn’t it?

DC’s consistent reprinting of the Infinite Crisis tie-in books have paid off nicely for us, as the books are selling very well, and I imagine that, once we get further along in each of the mini-series, they’ll continue to do well as back issues. Plus, today we put in our orders for the third printing of Villains United…didn’t go overboard, but I bet we’ll be able to move these, too.

I am glad Marvel has backed away from their “no reprints” policy, but I do wish that the cover of today’s reprint of Phoenix: Endsong #5 differed from the original more than just some slight color adjustments. The previous reprints all had different covers…why not this one?

And the new issue of Fantastic Four had two covers, in a 1:1 ratio. Why did one have a “variant cover” note on the cover? What’s the difference between the two, when they’re available in equal amounts?

Just so I’m not solely picking on Marvel: say, DC, you’re not fooling anyone by splashing “collector’s item” on the cover of DC Special: The Return of Donna Troy. I had several customers make joking comments about that blurb. Then again, I suppose it did draw attention, so it did its job!

Speaking of that DC Special: the new DC logo does look pretty good on the cover, there. It also doesn’t look too shabby on the covers of our preview copies of next week’s DCs.

Whenever a customer only has money for an issue or two of a comic, and they clearly have interest in fantasy/sci-fi books that aren’t from Marvel or DC, and they ask me for my recommendation for “something good” – AiT/Planetlar‘s Demo almost always fits the bill.

Today, we had a quorum of the Associated Comics And Pop Culture Webloggers of Ventura County, CA And Outlying Environs at the store…pals Ian, Tom, Corey, Dorian (natch), and myself (equally natch) were all present at the shop at the same time! (Fred was by, too, but missed the meeting by an hour or so.) For safety reasons, we try not to gather like this too often…the loss to world culture would be too great should something unfortunate happen.

Plus, we may have a new member of the ACAPCWOVCCAOE coming soon…watch this space for details!

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