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Your latest Rann versus Thanagar update: a Google search on “Rann” brings up about 430,000 results, while a search on “Thanagar” pulls up just under 39,000. Image search on “Rann”: about 3,500. For “Thanagar”: about two dozen or so. The people are abuzz about Rann! Okay, so not all the results for “Rann” directly refer to Adam Strange’s adopted home, but it just goes to show the impact Rann has had on contemporary society. But that’s okay…I’m sure the Thanagarians have a nice planet, too.

Ooh, wait, make that “had a nice planet”…they don’t have one anymore! Oh, so sad….

So I was listing some items on the eBay yesterday (have I mentioned our auctions?), and I noticed that there’s an Identity Crisis area in their Comics section. I suppose that makes sense, but it just surprised me. Plus, as usual, there are a few items in there where the people listing them either 1) weren’t paying attention to the category, or 2) trying hard to make their auctions stand out by listing them with other dissimilar items. For example, as I looked at this section again last night, I saw someone trying to sell Ultimate X-Men. Ooh-kay. At least it was still comics, and not, say, a lamp or a remote-control toy car or something.

There’s an Avengers Disassembled section, too.

But no Gambit section? The shame, the shame.

I never did get around to discussing new comics this week, which is just as well since I didn’t really have much to say. But that’s never stopped me before!

  • The initial collection for The First Kingdom by Jack Katz came out this week, and, well…when I was younger, first reading about this series in Comics Scene magazine, I was fascinated by it. A hyper-detailed, obsessively complex and deeply personal fantasy world fully created and laid out on pages with absolutely no space left blank whatsoever…the idea of it really captured my imagination. Once I saw the actual comics themselves, they didn’t really do anything for me, unfortunately, but I can certainly appreciate the work that went into them.

    As an aside, I was putting together some stuff for our eBay auctions (have I mentioned…oh, never mind), and came across an autographed copy of The First Kingdom #5. Well, I thought it was neat.

  • Perhaps you remember my post from last Wednesday, where I warned you about a possible misprint in the last Plastic Man. Strike that; ignore it. Had I looked more closely at my copy, I would have seen that the problem was simply an extra centerspread stapled into the book. Ah, well…at least it’s easily solved. (RIIIIIP!)
  • Goon #12 is the issue that has the monster created by one of our customers, Glenn, for the “Create-A-Monster” contest. Glenn’s original sketch is in the letters page…check it out!

Pal Dorian: “Man, we’ve been asked for a lot of back issues for Frank Miller’s 300 lately. Has it been announced as a movie project?”

Me: “Ah, c’mon. Who’s gonna make a 300 movie?”

(one Google search later)

Me: “I can’t believe someone’s tryin’ to make a 300 movie.”

The winner of the Couscous Express giveaway will be announced on Tuesday. Hey, you can’t jump right into a random drawing…you gotta work your way up to it!

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