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ENDS TONIGHT: I have an extra copy of Couscous Express to give away, and all you gotta do is send your name and address to contest (at) progressiveruin.com to enter the random drawing. Deadline is tonight Friday, May 20th at midnight Pacific time…please see this post for rules and restrictions.

My pal JP loves crazy comic book stuff. The crazier the better, especially if Batman’s involved somehow. And, God bless ‘im, he’s always sending me fantastic links that I enjoy sharing with all of you. A couple of his latest finds on the eBay:

A magazine featuring Freak Brothers/Wonder Warthog creator Gilbert Shelton, the Real Don Steele, and Adam West in full Batman regalia.

Cool as that is, it pales in comparison to this other item he found:

Adult baby plastic Batman pants.

That’s right, I said


As long as we’re discussing undergarments, here’s a GrimJack thong. (courtesy pal The Ferrett)

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