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This page may have the greatest superhero custom figures I have ever seen. I would have killed for these as a young’un. An example is pictured to the right, there.

Well, okay, the Joker/Red Hood action figure is kinda cool.

In other new DC solicitation news, let me join my fellow ACAPCWOVCCAOE* member, Sir James Ian “Boom-Boom” Brill III, in his delight at the forthcoming DC’s Greatest Imaginary Stories. Complete with Brian Bolland cover. If this isn’t a must-buy on your list, I’m comin’ to your house to set fire to all your Rom comics.

I also like the design on this version of the cover for the Identity Crisis collection. That’s mighty handsome. Yeah, I know, you all hated this series. That’s still a fine cover…better than any of the ones that appeared on the actual comic.

A couple things are apparently “changing forever:”

JSA #76: “…Hawkman harbors a secret that will change the JSA’s role in the DCU forever!”

Legion of Super-Heroes #9: “…Cosmic Boy is faced with a deadly decision that could change the face of his team forever.”

Plus, dig the Crisis on Infinite Earths #5-vibe on this cover for Flash #225.

Flying miniature from the Supergirl movie, from the Propstore of London. They’re also selling a prop Chinese newspaper from “the Christopher Reeve classic [sic] Superman III.”

Pete von Sholly strikes again, this time with the spectacularly-named Sergeantstein and His Maraudin’ Monsters. Von Sholly’s art style is very appealling to me…big, dynamic, and colorful. There are plenty of preview pages at that link, so be sure to take a look.

Pal JP pointed out this auction for one of the original Howard Chaykin Star Wars promo posters…hoo boy, that’s pricey. I also wanted to express my admiration for this particular seller’s humongous list of policies and rules, which I’m sorely tempted to do for our own auctions. I thought I did a pretty good job detailing the requirements for our auctions, but there’s always someone who doesn’t think the rules apply to them, and/or pays us some completely random amount of money after the auction’s over. It’s not so bad when they pay us too much (then I can just refund the excess), but it’s when they pay us a dollar over the end amount, expecting that to cover shipping and sales tax (if applicable)…well, then it’s a pain in the rear.

I just have to keep reminding myself…”mail order is funmail order is still fun….”

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