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I was paging through our store copy of Wizard Magazine (hey, we do have the occasional downtime at the shop…it’s not all big money transactions and gunplay)…and surely I must have imagined seeing this on the classified ads page:

The super hero power no villian, vixen or hulk can live without.”

Before you say anything, yes, that’s how “villain” was spelled in the ad. There was a website address, too, which I don’t really want to post here but you can probably figure out on your own. Just don’t confuse it with Bettersexthroughyogurt.com, for God’s sake.

So pal Dorian and I were discussing some recent comics “controversy” or another yesterday:

Me: “…And, of course, everyone’s going to start bitching about it.”

Dor: “‘Start?'”

Me: “Oops, I meant that they’re going to alter the direction of their current nonstop bitching to this new target.”

So, the stoned person that Dorian mentioned…how did I know she was stoned? She kept hitting on me. I mean, honestly…surely even stoned people can do better than me.

From now on, this is how I’m going to brand images I personally scanned for use on this site:

I finished reading the Crisis on Infinite Earths novelization a few days ago, and, like I said before, it does not stand alone. You really need to have read the original Crisis comic book series to make heads or tails out of this. Part of the problem is that, when you get right down to it, Crisis isn’t so much about the plot as it is about mixing up and showing off all of DC Comics’ various characters from the company’s long history. The comic’s appeal is primarily visual…it’s for the fans who want to see Changeling meet Mr. Tawky Tawny, for example, rather than read “And then the Earth-1 Changeling was surprised to meet Mr. Tawky Tawny of Earth-S.” (Okay, not an actual line from the book, but you get the idea.) The huge group shots and massive fight scenes in the comic are a lot of fun to look at, given the lovely George Perez/Jerry Ordway art. But in prose form, those group shots suddenly become long lists of characters, often with notations as to which Earth they’re from. The few introspective moments that flesh out the occasional character are nice (the Silver Age Flash, the center of the story, benefits most), but they’re few and far between.

The book was a fun diversion, despite its problems (and occasional typos) but not exactly essential to the understanding of the orignal Crisis series. For fans only…but really, who else was going to read it?

I was one of the participants in Chris “Lefty” Brown‘s Mixed Bag CD exchange, and while some folks out there who were also in the exchange are doing detailed reviews of each disc, I’m not sure I’ll ever get around to doing so myself. I will say that I’ve enjoyed all the discs I received, and that it’s very illuminating to be exposed to these fine folks’ musical tastes. And I’m glad to hear that most of you enjoyed at least some of the material on my disc…the next one will be a bit more…challenging, so consider yourself warned!

Tell the truth…you clicked on that bettersexthroughyogurt.com link, didn’t you? Sicko.

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