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Okay, Big Larry totally called me on my comments yesterday regarding Surviving Grady, where I claimed I would have no interest in the book given its apparent baseball subject matter. Larry says “no way, Jose,” tellng me baseball is just a framework for the contents, and posts a brief excerpt here as proof. All right, Larry, you win…I’ll take a second look.

My comments about the high quality of the actual materials using in the making of the book still stand. This is one sturdy volume.

Okay, there seems to be an awful lot of support for the planet of Thanagar lately, which I don’t understand. Every time a Thanagarian that isn’t Hawkman pops up, he (or she) is part of an invading force, or he’s trying to kill one of our Earth superheroes, or otherwise trying to commit some form of evil. Don’t forget, the Thanagarians were part of the coalition of alien races who invaded our planet a while back, thus making them partially responsible for what happened to Australia (i.e. “Beachhead Earth”). I don’t trust those sneaky Thanagarians.

Anyway, I’m backing the planet Rann. They never tried to invade Earth, as far as I know (or if they did try, I’m sure Adam Strange talked some sense into them before things got too far). Plus, Swamp Thing once visited Rann and helped revive their dying plantlife, so Rann’s got a little bit of Swampy in it. Oh, and who tried to kill Swamp Thing while he was there? Thanagarians, that’s who. Gee, what a surprise. Those big jerks.

Another reminder: as I first announced here, I have an extra copy of Couscous Express to give away, and all you gotta do is send your name and address to contest (at) progressiveruin.com to enter the random drawing. Deadline is Friday, May 20th…please see this post for rules and restrictions.

And in case you’re worried…I’m only keeping the names and addresses for the duration of the contest. They’ll be discarded once a winner is chosen…you won’t be put on a mailing list, and no salesman will call.

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