You’ll have to excuse me; I’m feeling a little punchy.

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Okay, new comics day….

Well, the day started off with a representative from one of our local libraries buying an absolute boatload of graphic novels, which is nice. She also informed me that they’re going to have some kind of superhero-themed reading program this year, and she asked if I’d put together a display for them. Hey, no problem…back in my public library employment days (in fact, this lady’s boss used to be my boss, 15-something years ago) I used to help run the summer reading programs at our location, including the building of displays and whatnot, so I’m no stranger to this. Should be fun! Well, at least until somebody gets hurt.

Oh, and one would think that a parent’s reaction to her horde of children yelling and running around the store would be to put a stop to such shenanigans, wouldn’t one? Well, not the parent we had in yesterday, apparently. Sigh.

As for the actual comics:

Okay, fine…Green Lantern: Rebirth is finally over, Hal Jordan is back as GL, all the other subsidiary characters are back to where they were all those years ago…so quit your griping.

Speaking of people complaining, I haven’t read the newest Infinite Crisis spin-off Rann/Thanagar War yet…too busy, too busy (hey, that Land of the Lost Season 3 DVD box set isn’t going to watch itself!)…but it’s Dave Gibbons writing, and it’s freakin’ Rann versus Thanagar. The sad old DC fanboys like me live for this nonsense. And check in on the Absorbascon…starting with this post (and onward), he details his belief in the superiority of Thanagar over Rann. I lean more towards Rann, and for good reason. Two words: Tornando Tyrant.

Desolation Jones…I already told you that the story was another fine example of Warren Ellis‘ darkly humorous storytelling. Well, now that I have the finished product in my mitts, I can also tell you that the artwork of J.H. Williams III is very nicely done, expressing the bleakness, the violence, and the humor of the script quite well.

Surviving Grady from AiT/Planetlar is a prose paperback, not a graphic novel, and it’s on a topic that I unfortunately have absolutely no interest in (baseball), but I did want to point out that it’s a very nicely put together paperback…nice paper quality, and a good sturdy cover. I wish more paperbacks were assembled thusly. Look to the mighty H at The Comic Treadmill for a discussion of the actual contents, at some point, I’m presuming.

Majestic #5 – when that Majestic mini-series was published under the DC imprint, it sold fairly well. This new series, under the Wildstorm imprint, isn’t doing nearly as well. I hope it’s just because of the art and/or story, and not because of the company logo on the cover. That would just be depressing.

The AG Super Erotic Anthology 2005 Summer Teaser – that much porn for only a dollar? You can’t beat that!

City of Heroes #1 – this is the new Top Cow version of the title based on the computer game, which I’m only mentioning because I liked the George Perez cover.

Star Wars Tales #23 – people were buying this, at our store at least, for the funny stuff. They don’t like the serious stories. Every other Star Wars comic takes itself too seriously…one funny SW comic wouldn’t bring down the Lucasfilm Empire (heh), surely.

Almost sold an issue of Arana…whew! That was a close one.

Also at the store yesterday: Pal Dorian wore his Dalek shirt, and everybody liked it. The end.

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