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Commenter Cole brings up a DC logo mystery…why does his copy of Superboy #212 from 1975 have the modern DC logo, even though it wasn’t in regular use until several months later?

Upon seeing his comment, I checked our copy of this comic at the store, and told Cole that it had the “Line of DC Super-stars” DC emblem, as seen on this copy from the Grand Comic Book Database:

Cole then directed me to the Mile High Comics site, which had a copy of the same comic but with the newer logo, as Cole described:

My immediate impression is that the second version may be a reprint produced a few months later, probably for foreign markets. You can see that the month and pricing information is missing, and that some other pricing information has been stamped onto the cover by hand.

Anyway, that’s my guess…unless Cole bought his copy off the stands here in the U.S. of A., in which case I’m stumped. It could be that it was a test-marketed cover? Or a reprint for use in those variety-store 3-packs? (But most of those had Whitman logos, I think.) Or maybe it was a foreign edition that made it onto domestic shelves? I’m not sure…maybe someone out there can set us straight.

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