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Inspired by Yet Another Comics Blog’s Free Comic Book Month Giveaway, Rick Gebhardt is also going to give away a free comic book every day from May 7th (the date of Free Comic Book Day at your local comics shoppe) until June 7th. Who knew there were two people this crazy? Anyway, go get yourself some free comics…either from Dave or Rick, or from your local establishment. You do like free stuff, right?

Speaking of free stuff, it just so happens I have in my possession a copy of AiT/Planetlar‘s Couscous Express by Brian Wood and Brett Weldele, which I received from Big Larry Young as part of his entry in the mix CD exchange. I already have a copy of this fine book (reviewed by me a while back – under Monday, April 26th), so if you want to try to win this extra copy for yourself, free of charge, just send your name and shipping address to contest (at) progressiveruin.com with the words Couscous Express in the subject line. Deadline to enter is Friday, May 20th…I will pick one winner at random and announce it the following Monday.

One entry per person, current and former coworkers may not enter (sorry, Josh!), winners of my previous contest can’t enter (er, sorry again, Josh), members of the ACAPCWOVCCAOE can’t enter (like I said before, that wouldn’t look too good for me if one of them won), and I reserve the right to reject any entry if I think you’re just screwing with me. International entries welcome, so long as your country accepts our mail. I’m not responsible for any import taxes, though…item will be declared as a gift with a value of $12.95.

Um, other than that, feel free to send me your entry. No hoops to jump through…just a name and address sent to contest (at) progressiveruin.com is all you need to enter.

Don’t forget:

Pal Dorian and Johanna Draper Carlson have provided comprehensive reviews of all the books that’ll be available tomorrow. Lots of good stuff! Well, mostly good…but it’s free, so you can’t complain too much!

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