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Okay, I realize I’ve been kinda slacking off on my comics weblogging duties a bit over the last week or so…real life gets in the way sometimes, you know? I’ll be back in the swing of things soon.

Anyway, I have a few minutes to spare, so let me share a few goodies:

First, wanna know how to make me jealous? Find a killer Baby Huey panel before I do, like the mighty Scott Saavedra has done. Well played, sir. (It also gives me an excuse to link back to this post of mine, with Baby Huey reenacting a scene from Watchmen.)

Now I know you’ve seen this discussed here and there (and there’s a kind of futility to linking to anything that’s already been on Boing Boing), but let me add to the chorus of voices proclaming Naked Cosmos as something you have to see. I’ve only seen the original videotape, and not the revamped and reedited DVD, but a source close to the production (well, okay, it was Gilbert) assures me that the DVD version is a vast improvement over the original. I can’t imagine it being any better, because the original version is a real brain-breaker. I’m saying it’s a brain-breaker, so you know it’s gotta be strange. Dear God, at least watch the trailer.

If you’re an Emusic member, Our Most Beloved by James Kochalka Superstar is now available for download.

Batman and Hulk Sumo suits. This upsets me in a way that I can’t readily explain. Don’t even mention the Cock Fighting suits.

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