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I am happy to report that, given my brief glance through the book, the new printing of Dark Horse Comics’ Little Lulu Vol. 2: Lulu Takes A Trip (which arrived today) appears to be printed with the pages in the correct order. (Do note that the corrected editions are still marked as 1st printings.) Volume 3, My Dinner with Lulu, also arrived today, and this is the one that begins reprinting the earliest Lulu comics from Dell’s Four Color series. Dark Horse wanted to start the Lulu reprint series with later comics rather than the beginning strips, to kick it off with the “good stuff” apparently (you can find the explanation on Johanna’s site). However, looking at the earlier work and comparing it to the later material, I don’t really see why the publisher was so concerned. It’s perhaps a little more simply drawn, but it’s just as charming and funny as the work that followed. Really, they probably should have just started this series with the earliest Lulu comics, and numbered the volumes from the get-go, rather than wait for later printings.

Ah, what do I know. I just sell these things for a living, is all.

I point you to Johanna’s most recent post on the subject, if you haven’t seen it already.

Just so I don’t come across completely as Mr. Negative-Pants, I am very happy that affordable reprints of Little Lulu are being released, regardless of any publishing quirks.

And my vote for most non-essential comic book reprint is…. Okay, normally I’d be all for reprints of the Golden Age adventures of Tuk the Caveboy. However, this comic also contains a reprint of the Wolverine story from Marvel Comics Presents #1, which is explicitly described by Marvel itself as a preview of a forthcoming trade paperback reprinting this same story…feh, sez I. More Tuk the Caveboy, less Wolvie trade paperbacks.

Odd arrival of the day…in one of our Diamond boxes was a reorder invoice from early last year for another retailer, along with a copy of the Adult Previews catalog from the same period of time. Go figure.

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