Three covers, overthought.

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So quite some time ago, pal Jaime pointed out what might be a logical flaw in one of the captions on the above cover:

As pal Jaime said, “‘wait’ll you dig Namor’s new costume?’ Why wait? The new costume’s right there!” So there’s, what, maybe a nanosecond of delay between reading the caption and thinking “oh, hey, look at the new costume!” Not much waiting involved…assuming, of course, you read that particular caption first instead of going right to the figure of Sub-Mariner.

But, as I was pondering this, I thought about how the caption was actually worded. “Wait‘ll you dig” — perhaps the caption is instead implying that your digging of the new costume will not occur immediately. I mean, it is a big change, and I think we all know how some fans react to change. So, in some cases, the caption can be considered to be worded correctly…if you don’t immediately like Subby’s new costume, some indefinite period of waiting will have to pass before you will begin to accept it…dig it, as it were.

I was admiring this cover for its variety of humor:

1. The character-based joke: Jughead’s primary impetus is to eat, and thus would of course be more interested in entering a movie theatre for the popcorn, rather than the film being shown.

2. The pun: the sign, which reads “a story of a ruthless woman who fiddled with a man’s heart strings and drove him to violins!”

3. The sight gag: the ticket taker as snake charmer, playing a flute with a string of tickets undulating before her.

It’s a little something for everybody!

How rich is Richie Rich? He’s so rich, the sheer power of his wealth can affect the very properties of light!

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