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Given the tail-wagging-the-dog relationship between the Superman family of comics and his various media interpretations, what do you think the chances are of the addition of the “S” emblem to the belt buckle (seen here) making its way to the printed four-color page?

I like I noted briefly before, I don’t think the minor change in costume is any big whoop. No matter what they do, it’s still blue tights, red trunks, and a cape…it’s gonna look silly. The way the actors carry themselves in the costume is what keeps it from being laughed off the screen: the George Reeves Superman looked like he’d kick your ass if you dared to make fun of his suit, and the Christopher Reeve and Dean Cain Supermen were just so gosh-darned nice that laughing at the outfit felt like…I don’t know, like you were kicking puppies or something. Brandon Routh looks like he’s more in the “kick your ass” camp, but I guess we’ll find out once we start seeing some actual footage.

Anyway, here’s an article looking at the evolution of Superman’s costume in the comics.

I mentioned in my post from earlier today that I didn’t know where I saw the WayneBoring.com link first…but Shane reveals that it was he, he, who did the deed…in this very post!

At work today:

Pal Dorian: “Why can’t all bands be the B-52s?”

Me: “Because some bands need to be Negativland!”

Bill Sherman watches Man-Thing, so you don’t have to.

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