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No, I didn’t see the Sci-Fi Channel’s exclusive premiere of the movie too terrible good to go straight to video, Man-Thing. Oh, if only they would rerun it about 1,000 times so that I’d be sure to catch it.

That’s sarcasm, see.

EDIT: Chris Karath sums it up.

Did you know that there’s a WayneBoring.com? I didn’t know that there was a WayneBoring.com, until I came across a link to it…um, somewhere, which I don’t remember, otherwise I’d credit it, like the gentleman I am. Anyhoo, there’s a brief overview of the life and career of one of the definitive early Superman artists, and even includes an old Amazing Heroes interview.

From a link completely and totally stolen from the fine and good Gotham Lounge comes this series of eBay auctions, where a friendly young woman kindly offers her comic book wares for sale. I may have to borrow her strategy to get our own eBay auctions a little more action. I wonder if my bikini still fits?

For some strange reason, I feel the urge to bid on a Grendel trade paperback.

Yet Another Comics Blog is giving away free comics for the entire month of May? Why? Because he’s crazy! Go take advantage of the man and enter his drawing right now!

Via the site I incorrectly call “Where Threads Come Loose” in the sidebar (it’s really “Incoming Signals” – “WTCL” is the radio drama anthology) comes a link to the official site of Jason Sandberg, whose unfortunately short-lived Jupiter comic was one of my favorites.

“I shouldn’t know about Supergirl’s panties, I really shouldn’t. But I do. And so do you. What’s that about?” – a great, career-spanning interview with Kyle Baker, over on Terrific Tom Spurgeon’s Comics Reporter site.

Ever since Laura reminded us, I’ve been meaning to mention here that all-new Girl Genius pages are appearing as an online comic strip. Three pages a week, updated Monday-Wednesday-Friday. Though the actual comic book itself is gone in favor of the web-route, the trade paperback collections will continue.

So you think you’ve had it tough, putting up with pal Dorian for a year. I’ve got to work with him!

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