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So Tim makes a Swamp Thing post…it’s only fair that I make an Alf post:

Alf #39 (March 1991) – art by Dave Manak

Well, okay, that’s not really why I’m posting this cover (in fact, I had something else planned for today, but ended up leaving the item in question at the store…rats!), but we got this comic in a collection we bought a week or so ago and it really caught my eye. That’s a great, attention-grabbing, and slightly disturbing cover. The corner box is too big, too big! It’s against God and nature! Burn the witch! …Er, sorry, got carried away there.

Meanwhile, inside the comic, things have also gone horribly, horribly wrong. Alf has invented a machine that can create duplicates of things. However, the duplicates are malformed…imperfect, as it were. While Alf is working on his machine, Brian (the youngest member of the family that “adopted” Alf) wanders in with his school report on Spanish Conquistadors. Anyway, hijinks ensue, and Alf is struck by the rays from his own machine, while holding Brian’s report…and this is the result:



I am stuck between two immediate impulses: either applaud this as a work of genius, or seek out everyone responsible for this comic and slap them silly.

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