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From Yahoo‘s front page news box:

What’s this? Jim Lee was suing Marvel? No, no, it’s Stan Lee, reaching an agreement with Marvel over some owed coin-of-the-realm. The word “cartoonist” must have thrown me off.

Yeah, I’m probably nitpicking, but given the generally accepted definition of the word, it just seems like one more step in the direction of “Kirby who? Ditko who?” — making sure the general public thinks Lee wrote and drew everything Marvel ever published.

I realize nobody in the real world actually cares about this.

Commenter John notes here that the Crisis on Infinite Earths novelization is having a poor showing via Bookscan tabulations. I’m sure that doesn’t account for comic shops, which will be the primary source of sales for this book, because dear God, no non-comics fan will be able to read this…so it doesn’t really surprise me that the type of bookstore that Bookscan likely surveys wouldn’t carry many copies. Don’t get me wrong…what I’ve read so far is fine, as long as you’re a comic fan that’s relatively familiar with the material being covered. But no member of the “non-initiated” is going to have the patience for all the Earth-1, Earth-2, Earth-X shenanigans that you’re hit with as soon as you open the cover.

“Not so comic books.”

Dear alleged eBay customer: telling us “don’t be a tightass” in your semi-coherent e-mailed rant simply because we’re following postal regulations that are inconvenient for you only has one result – bannination. Move along, chump…I don’t need your business.

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