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Lots to say, no time to type…so I just have a question for you. Since I was discussing novelizations of comic book stories in my previous post, it had me wondering: what is your favorite comic book-inspired prose novel? (Or short story…I know there were a few short fiction collections based around Superman and Batman.) I don’t mean novels just generally based on comic book style stories, like the Wild Cards series. I mean novels based on characters that have actually appeared in comic books…like the Hellboy novels by Christopher Golden (which I’ve enjoyed), or that Captain America novel by Tony Isabella and Bob Ingersoll (a fun read, and I’m not a big Cap fan), or even, God help you, this book.

My favorite, as has been brought up by some of you already as your favorite in this discussion, is probably Elliot S! Maggin’s Last Son of Krypton from 1978. As I’d mentioned, I really enjoy Maggin’s portrayal of Luthor.

So…what’s your favorite?

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